Featured in Hindustan Times Brunch – August 3 2014

Hindustan Times Brunch featured a very interesting story about bloggers who boldly reject common stereotypes associated with fashion blogging. I was featured as a part of the story titled ‘FASHION BLOGGERS – NOT JUST POSERS‘ along with other popular fashion bloggers including Aanam Chasmawala of What When Wear, Swati Ailawadi of The Creative Bent, Gia Kashyap of Gia Says That, Aayushi Bangur of Style Drive, Sonaksha Iyengar of The Sonshu and Manou of Wearabout.

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2 thoughts on “Featured in Hindustan Times Brunch – August 3 2014

  1. Congrats on the feature!!


  2. Thank you Erika 🙂

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